Wat Phra Nang Sang(Seng) Phuket, Thailand.featured

Wat Phra Nang Sang(Seng) Phuket, Thailand.

The oldest temple in Phuket dating over 500 years old hosts this Annual Market each year.

It is a mix of old and new, the temple its exact age unsure has been renovated and rebuilt in parts over that time. One story says a powerful southern Thai ruler had the temple built for his wife. Another story says that the temple was built in honour of a princess who was due to be executed, although she had been framed and was innocent. When she was executed she bled white blood, thus showing her purity.

The temple is also called Wat Luad Khao (White Blood Temple).

At that time Thalang was also the main town in Phuket.

On the night that we visited this temple it was hosting some amazing Thai Food and although we were awed at the sight of some lovely statues and buildings…..Tonight was ALL about the food.

Thai street food.

Amazing food which screamed eat me… it was so fresh and the colours and smells…There were deep fried insects of all sorts which are a delicacy here and big business as well evert market has these insects..some I have eaten but the squidgy ones …Not for me!

Fried insects. Street food Thailand

Thai sausages of all sorts, glorious sweet dishes to tempt your palate and so much more.Quail spit roasted.

Quails roasting on the spit street food Thailand.

Lovely fresh vegetables to make a delicious papaya Salad or Som Tam as it called in Thai which is found on every street corner, market little food places it has almost iconic status and I just love it…All those Thai flavours just dance in your mouth…

Fresh tomatoes, cucumber and eggplant.

Fresh papaya for Som Tam

I could go on tempting your taste buds as there was soooooo much lovely fresh food.

Bamboo filled with black beans and white sticky rice.

Bamboo filled with sticky rice and black bean or coconut.   

Delicious squid dipped in an amazing, hot chilli sauce.

Beautiful BBQ squid Thai street food.

Our senses and taste buds were just zinging! This was Thai street food at its very freshest and best…

That’s all for now, in another post I will tell you more about this lovely temple but for now, I will leave you may be wishing you were here.

Thank you for reading this post which I hope has made you want to taste this wonderful food then come with me and I have added a few things which will help replicate a dish of delicious Som Tam in your own kitchen wherever you are in the world….these are affiliate links and I may receive a small commision if you make a purchase but it is at no extra cost to yourself.

The Papaya you should be able to purchase for any Asian store in your area or just a tip you can use swede or green mango…If you would like my recipe then please click here and it will take you to my food blog.

Wat Phra Nang Sang(Seng) Phuket, Thailand.


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