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The Emerald Pool, Krabi, Thailand

There is so much to see and do here in Thailand so much natural beauty like the Emerald Pool. Which we visited a few years ago on one of our first trips to Thailand and a trip we have never forgotten.

The Emeral Pool, Krabi, Thailand


Surrounded by forest this Emerald coloured natural pure spring water pool is very beautiful. It is a must visit if you are in the area, you will be so pleased that you did this.

Surrounded by forest you can get access to the Emerald pool from the car park… It is about 800 metres either by walking across the concrete walkway or as we did and took the dirt track through the trees. What a lovely walk it was and if you are lucky you may spot some of the wildlife.

The Emeral Pool, Krabi, Thailand

Also known locally as the Crystal pool or lagoon…

Sra Morakot in Thai, this pool has natural streams running from the limestone hills above into the pool.

It gets extremely busy here and it is advisable to go early in the day. This is because it is a little cooler and you will see the natural colour of the pool… The colour changes through the day as the sun moves in the sky.

The Emeral Pool, Krabi, Thailand


Make sure you take water bottles with you and make sure you take a plastic bag so that you can take your bottles away with you.. No Littering…

Wear sports sandals or shoes for if you take a walk through the trees like we did. There are natural steps and small pools made by the streams which run through to the main pool and it can be extremely slippery underfoot.

Once you arrive at the pool take great care it is extremely slippery and sitting on your butt while entering the water seems to be the preferred method of entry for most people.

If you take a 5-minute walk from the Emerald pool then you will see the Blue Pool which is a bright turquoise colour and deep no swimming is allowed here the Blue Pool is just for viewing and the taking of photos.

As you can see from the photos we had an enjoyable time … I did not risk entering the pool as it was far too slippery for me but I enjoyed people watching and taking photos and smiling at some of the methods of not only getting into the pool but getting out…lol

So to recap wear proper sports footwear, take water bottles and plenty of suntan lotion

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Thank you for reading this post and if you get the chance to visit Krabi then a visit to this lovely natural pure spring water pool is a must.

Until next time  xxx

The Emeral Pool, Krabi, Thailand




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