Travel Thailand… Sala Keoku Sculptures Park, Nong Khai, Northern Thailand.

Travel Thailand… Sala Keoku Sculptures Park, Nong Khai, Northern Thailand.featured

Sala Keoku and its beautiful sculpture park is our go-to place when we have visitors... I think every time I go I find something I didn't spot before... The birds and the bees love the sculptures and their nests can be seen but not reached which for them is a safe haven...

Sala Keoku and its beautiful sculptures park is our go-to place when we have visitors… I think every time I go I find something I didn’t spot before… The birds and the bees love the sculptures and their nests can be seen but not reached which for them is a safe haven…


Soldier on horseback

Featuring giant sculptures is Sala Keoku sculptures park in Nong Khai is very close to the Laos border. It is beautiful down by the Mekong river and the glass sky walkway is now open…

This first picture helps you to put into perspective how high these sculptures are.

See how the sculptures dwarf the people… they tower over everything absolutely awesome…

The people in this picture give you an idea of how big these statues are.


The sculptures park features giant concrete sculptures some 25 metres or more high they are gigantic and the park has in excess of 100 statutes I think it is made all the more amazing as there are so many and all close to one another. The sculptures were inspired by Buddhism and Hinduism thus contain images of Buddha, Vishnu, Shiva, a goddess of multiple arms, Naga snakes and all kind of human/animal hybrids.



Very beautiful and imposing

Legend tells us that…

A young man called Luang pu bun Sulilat fell into a cave where he met a hermit called Keoku who became his spiritual mentor, after completing an apprenticeship and graduating he began sculpting and in 1958 built his first concrete garden in Laos. This park is also known locally as the Buddha Park and is near the town of Vietienne in Laos.



So much detail went into these sculptures.

When the communists came to power Sulilat was very afraid that his unorthodox views would not be understood and he escaped over the border into Thailand. He was very popular locally and in 1978 he started working on the construction of Sala Keoku aided by donations of building materials from the local people and businesses.

The sculptures park actually took 20 years to complete and became something of a religious headquarters. It is not a Wat ( temple) but many people come here to pray.

Another amazing statue

Imposing and quirky sculptures.

Sulilat was often seen working on his sculptures and one day after a bad fall from one of those sculptures, Sulilat, unfortunately, died from his injuries.

His body is now buried in the main building which has many pictures of Sulilat throughout his life and is almost as strange as the sculptures he crafted it is also claimed by his faithful followers that his hair still grows.

When we visited the scupltures park there were many people paying homage to this great sculpture it is so lovely to see that his memory lives on…It is a lovely peaceful park with a lake with very many fish and no you can’t fish but you can feed them…There are also some awesome cacti for sale…

If you get the opportunity to visit this lovely quirky park then it will not disappoint and afterwards, you can go down to the banks of the Mekong and either watch a sunset like this one…Eat some beautiful fresh seafood or…

A beautiful sunset


Just wander through the markets which sell many lovely goods from neighbouring Laos and Cambodia the prices are very reasonable and the Laos whiskey is very nice. Just saying.

If you have the head for heights then you can also get some fantastic photos from the newly opened sky walkway…

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