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England in the spring… You could be freezing cold or pleasantly warm although I find that when I am actually in London town even if it is cold… I get quite warm it must be the buildings being so close together and tall which protect you and keep you a little warmer. An ideal time to get some beautiful photos to take home to show your friends.

A beautiful crocus just peeping through the snow

Peeping its little yellow head through the snow a Crocus one of the first flowers of spring.


Just fallen and hardly walked on..a beautiful London Street

A beautiful scene of newly laid snow.

This lovely snowy scene is a bit different from Sunny Thailand which I featured last week, isn’t it? Instead of flip-flops, you need some nice warm winter boots a warm coat and some gloves. Lovely when you are snuggled up and walking knowing you have a nice warm fire to go back to… There is nothing better than a nice log fire on a winters day after a bracing walk…

A woodland walk in the snow

A pretty snowy country scene


If you are going walking in the snow maybe take some fat balls in a bag or some bread crumbs for the wildlife and if you see any water frozen over and it is safe to do so try and make a hole to make it easier for the wildlife to take a drink…

Spring Flowers

A beautiful spring day and daffodils gently dancing in the breeze

After the snow has gone there is nothing lovelier than a bright spring day and the daffodils dancing in the breeze…

What comes after the daffodils is my very favourite the glorious bluebell woods…

Beautiful Bluebell woods

A sea of bluebells, so beautiful my favourite spring flowers.

I love England in the spring with all those glorious spring daffodils and narcissi and then closely followed by the beautiful Bluebells…

A magical sea of blue

There is nothing prettier than an old English Bluebell wood

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip to England in the Spring it is a beautiful time of year if you are going to visit.

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