Last day in Perth for this week…The Lucky Shag Waterfront Bar…featured


Anything goes here…well almost and I love it! The Lucky Shag Bar.

The Lucky Shag Waterfront Bar and Restaurant


The Lucky Shag Bar does the best and biggest bowl of mussels I have seen and they were so fresh and just amazing.

This bar just buzzes and the waters and waitresses are such fun, no unhappy faces here all smiling and ready to take your order…

The Lucky Shag is truly unique.

Located a 5-minute walk from the bustle of Perth’s CBD, this fantastic waterfront venue boasts spectacular vistas of the beautiful Swan River and Perth city skyline. It’s decked boardwalk provides a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for soaking up the sun during the day. In the evening the venue is transformed to provide a vibrant atmosphere perfect for enjoying a relaxed drink with friends. With a great “pub style” menu and an extensive drinks list, they have acoustic acts Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights which make for a perfect backdrop for dinner by the river, also a resident DJ over the weekend is a crowd pleaser!

If you visit you can just relax and enjoy a bite at one of  Perth’s best riverfront venues.

Featuring a great selection of share food, a large selection of seafood, as you’d expect from a waterfront venue, as well as your “pub grub” favourites, there is something for everyone on The Lucky Shag menu.

It was a sunny balmy afternoon on our first visit and these lovely refreshing drinks went down a treat.

The kitchen serves daily from 11 am until 10 pm and we just watched in amazement as plate after delicious plate came out…The kitchen is open for all to see and it was a treat to see those happy smiling faces as they cooked and cooked

We visited a couple of times Daytime and early evening and it just buzzed… I just sat, ate, had a drink or two and people watched it was lovely…

The mussels are to die for…Truly a dish made in foodie heaven…


We are thoroughly enjoying the hospitality of Perth it really is a beautiful city…

I have handpicked a few little things you may want for your trip…

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