The Land of Smiles… Wat Tung Toomkam,Thailand

The Land of Smiles… Wat Tung Toomkam,Thailandfeatured

The Land of Smiles... Wat Tung Toomkam,Thailand

Wat Tung Toomkam…

Just some 15km from the city of Udon Thani in Northern Thailand lies this quaint 100-year-old temple called Wat Tung Toomkam… Temples are called Wat in the Thai language.

Wat Tung Toomkam houses many images of Buddha

Most of which most are covered in both old and new Thai coins which sparkle and glisten as the sun catches them. It is a lovely sight as the temple is nestled among the trees and it has that ethereal feel to it…almost magical…

This is not your new sparkling temple with no soul it is a lived in and loved temple which shows its age in places but to me it epitomises Thailand…I love temples like this off the beaten track and beautiful in its quaint olde worlde charm.



Wat Tung Toomkam houses a small temple

This small temple of which the walls and the ceilings are covered with over 8,400 images of Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang(Amulets)…It is beautiful.

Amulets are very prized here in Thailand and some fetch very high prices…I love to wander and browse when I see an amulet stall many of which are open early morning on street corners and are very busy.

On the day we visited the temple was locked so we could only peep through the windows but with the sun glinting through the glass it looked magical.

The temple is only open on important holy days so that people can collect the Holy water which is said to come from a buried spirit ball and the water seeps from the ground and is collected. Thais believe this water brings them good luck.


On the day of our visit apart from a couple of monks and some children playing we were the only visitors. If you love the olde worldly charm and seeing Thailand as it is, this little temple nestled among the trees is worth a visit. It had a certain shabby charm and as well as traditional Buddha’s it had some quirky ones which made us smile.



It is located behind Baan Nakha( Ikat Market) on Mittaphap Road.

The access is a very tiny road called a soi in Thai and the road takes you through the village and it is only the that the temple is signposted. But ask any local and they will point you in the right direction.

Well worth a visit if you love traditional Thai silks and locally it is known as The Silk Village. You will find every colour and pattern of silk you could imagine and if you love Thai silks then you will not be disappointed. We purchased a lovely little silk skirt and a beautiful dress for our granddaughter which looks beautiful on her and she loves it! The colours suit her complexion and also the quality here is superior to the “silk’ offered at local street markets.


As it is located directly adjacent to the Wat Tung Toomkam, this makes a lovely half day trip out from Udon Thani City. After which you can either eat lunch at one of the roadside stalls which offer chicken, Som Tam(Papaya salad) and sticky rice at a very reasonable cost and is also delicious… I love it! If you would love to make this dish when you return home then I have added the link from my other blog which will give you the recipe it is an authentic Thai recipe… Som Tam 

If you prefer to head back to Udon Thani then there are some eateries around the two lakes or the city centre. The city centre has lots of traditional Thai eateries, it also has well-known food chains so whatever your preference for food it is well catered for…

House in Central Festival is my favourite ” The Spice House”. If you love Thai spicy then that is what you will get… The food is excellent and the customers predominantly Thais which is always a good sign. Love Thai food but lighter on the chilli then they will be happy to oblige. The service is excellent as is the food.

Each week I will be covering a different country or area of Thailand and on a Saturday I will be showcasing my favourite restaurants/restaurant. If you don’t want to miss these posts then please follow me and or subscribe to my newsletters. Which I hope to start posting monthly very soon and you will receive a free Pdf showing you how to make authentic Thai curry pastes.

Below are some items I have handpicked for you which you may need on your travels or may wish to take home with you as a memento of your visit to Thailand…The Land of Smiles…

Thank you for reading my posts and please comment or share if you enjoyed it as sharing is caring….

Until Thursday stay safe, happy travels and enjoy x


The Land of Smiles... Wat Tung Toomkam,Thailand


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