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The Lantern Festival also is known as the Shangyuan Festival is always celebrated on the 15th day of the first month in the lunisolar calendar.

It marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations and is the Chinese equivalent of Valentines Day it is also the first night of the full moon.

Chinese Lantern Festival.


Paper lanterns are flown and decorate shops, houses, streets and shopping malls anywhere a lantern can be hung you can just see a mass of yellow, red lanterns in many shapes and sizes.

Lots of lovely red lanterns filling the sky.

In olden times young girls were not allowed out without a chaperone as the festival is known as a good place for girls to find love and for lovers to meet. Today it has no such meaning in many parts of China and in Hong Kong, it is now commercialised and known as Valentine’s day.

Traditionally this lantern festival is a time for looking and worshipping the full moon, enjoying time with family and playing guessing the riddle  a piece of paper with a riddle written on it, is pinned onto the lanterns..many participate in this as all the lanterns have a riddle and if the correct answer is guessed then the winner gets a small prize.

There are many fireworks and firecrackers going off, performing dragon dancers, lion dances and stilt walkers.

A beautiful Dragon lantern


Food such as glutinous rice balls can be found on the street stalls they are called Yuanxiao( Tangyuan) and filled with sesame seeds, red beans or peanut butter paste and a very popular snack.

The lanterns come in all shapes and sizes there are animals, flowers, people, buildings and so much more..very popular are the lanterns of the zodiac animal of the year which this year it is the dog.

Beautiful gold and red lanterns.

Everywhere is so festive and the sky is alight with lanterns of all colours…  Legend has it that a very beautiful bird flew down from heaven and was accidentally killed by a villager. The bird was a favourite of the Jade Emperor in heaven who when he heard about his favoured pet bird he was very angry and ordered the burning of the village and the killing of the people. His daughter was very sad and unhappy to hear this and warned the villagers.

The villagers did not know what to do and an old man suggested that every family in the village hung red lanterns up, set off fireworks and firecrackers on the nights of the 14th, 15th and 16th hoping that by doing this the Jade Emperor would think the village was on fire…This was indeed what happened, the Jade Emperor thought the village had already burned down and the people burned to death so he didn’t give the order for the village to be burned down.

From that day forward on the evening of the 15th day of the first lunar month, the villagers hung lanterns and set off fireworks and firecrackers to celebrate their victory against the wrath of the Jade Emperor.

This Lantern festival is held in China and in any other places where there is a large Chines community which will be here in Udon Thani…Last year it was lovely so vibrant and colourful and I am sure this year will be the same if not better…I am looking forward to it and getting lots of lovely photos.

If there is one near you I know London holds one in China town then try to go it will not disappoint.

Below are a few items which I have handpicked for you to take home as a souvenir of the festival.

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