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Songkran… Thai New Year Celebrationsfeatured

  This weekend sees the Chinese New Year Festival starting and in 2 months time,  Thai New Year celebrations start… Songkran is held on 13th April every year. The word songkran literally means “astrological passage” meaning transformation or change. Songkran is traditionally held over 3 days. Although many Thais start the New Year celebrations a Read more

Travel Thailand ….Koh Panyee a Sea Gypsy Village.

Travel Thailand ….Koh Panyee a Sea Gypsy Village.featured

  Koh Panyee Sea Gypsy Fishing Village Koh Panyee a sea gypsy fishing village in Phang Nga Province, Thailand. It is built on stilts by Indonesian fishermen some 200 years ago, although it quite isolates it as a thriving fishing village or a popular tourist attraction. The population of about 360 families or approx 1,685 Read more


The year of the Dog… Chinese New Year in Thailandfeatured

From the 16-18th February 2018, the Chinese New Year is celebrated in Thailand. If you are in Thailand for the Chinese New Year then it will be a time for firecrackers and celebrations…The colourful processions on Chinese New Year are a sight to see… Here in Udon Thani activities include a fireworks display to celebrate Read more


Khao Soi and my favourite restaurants in Udon Thani, Thailandfeatured

Khao Soi is a lovely rich coconut curry noodle soup… And is one of my all-time favourite Thai dishes.   Khao Soi originated from here in the North and holds almost iconic status..said to originate from the Chiang Mai area the name means ” cut rice” in Thai although it is thought the word originates from Read more